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Several times each year, we hang the work of a different local artist, including the winner of our annual Wall to Canvas urban art competition. This year’s winner, @eskaeone, has pieces from his “150 Minutes” show currently greeting people on the walls of the Artifactory Art Space in our brewery. eSKae1 created each piece in 150 minutes, and each is inspired and informed by the visual and literary artists of the Beat Generation. http://ift.tt/1sy1657

The ever-darkening nights leading up to Halloween are when we begin to break out the horror flicks. When the lights are off and the suspense is high, sometimes the only comfort is a bowl of popcorn (or a plate of fancy cheese) and a case of beer. 

While thinking of our favorite films, we had an idea for a beer-based game: Make a playlist of films that feature the iconic Wilhelm Scream, and pair them with our pumpkin ale, Wilhelm Scream. To make things interesting, we suggest clinking glass (and doing what normally follows said clinking) each time a villain appears. Doubly so for each time the Scream is cried. 

To refresh your memories, this is the Scream

We’ve teamed up with the Vermont Foodbank for the 2014 Feast of Fools Release Party! On Friday, November 7th from 5:30 to 7:30, the Artifactory will be packed with celebratory revelers, eager to sip our fabled Feast of Fools Holiday Raspberry Stout. 

We’ll have live music from The Growlers, heady pints of ale and dessert pairings from Mirabelles, Island Ice Cream, Lake Champlain Chocolates and My Little Cupcake

Proceeds from pints and bottles sold at the event will benefit the Vermont Foodbank.

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