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Racked, tapped and ready to roll. Meatwhistle is now flowing at The Artifactory! This beastly Imperial Stout has been aging in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels for two years, waiting for this day. Get it while you can at our brewery, the Vermont Brewers Festival and several bars in Burlington. Once it’s kicked, no one knows when it will return. #craftbeer #btv #meatwhistle http://ift.tt/1yxyREW

After two long years in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels, Meatwhistle is ready to be released. We’ll be pouring the last of our Imperial Stout at the @VermontBrewFest this week. Samples and growlers will also be available at our brewery starting Thursday, and you can find a few taps around Burlington, too. #btv #craftbeer #meatwhistle http://ift.tt/1n6vqCs

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