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Neil Young - Needle Of Death

Neil young recorded his new cover album in a phone booth. Sort of. Okay, not really, but it was in something called a Voice-O-Graph, and it’s about the size of a phone booth. 

On Record Store Day, April 19th, Jack White’s label, Third Man Records released “A Letter Home” on vinyl, the deluxe set of which will be available on May 27th. It’s really an amazing, raw, old-timey sound that only someone like Neil can pull off to such an amazing effect. On the album, he covers Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Don Everly and more. 

Check out the video above to hear Neil’s cover of Bert Jansch’s “Needle of Death” and to see just what kind of space he was working with in the Voice-O-Graph. 

Probably the best $30-ish bucks we’ve spent in the last couple months was on a book of rock ‘n roll photos by Jay Blakesberg titled JAM. For years, Blakesberg has been capturing the energy of the greatest rock and jam bands ever to grace the stage. From the Grateful Dead to String Cheese to moe. to Soundgarden and Jane’s Addiction, he’s got a knack for closing the shutter at that moment we wish we could see forever. Thanks to him, we can. 

Each photo is accompanied by a short paragraph of the musician featured where they describe what it’s like to be in the middle of a moment that seems to transcend space, time and consciousness, both the band and its audience. It reminds us of Jeff Tweedy’s great rant on “Sunken Treasure Live” where he says, “…you feel yourself being in a room full of people with all their hearts beating, and all of their thoughts and feelings, and you’re a part of it. You’re not just you, you’re a part of a group of people. In a really beautiful way. It’s a really wonderful thing to be a part of. … It’s what you do when you go to a concert. You’re a part of it.” 

If My Morning Jacket on the cover doesn’t sell you on it, there may be no hope for you.

JAM is still available over at Rock Out Books so hop to. And Like Jay on Facebook, too, because he’s constantly posting shots from shows he’s been to over the last four decades. 

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