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The Wall to Canvas urban art competition is this Saturday! 12 amazing artists will transform blank canvases before your eyes and then give them up to a live auction where half the bids go to the artist and half to the Shelburne Craft School. We’ll have an outdoor beer garden with special casks, food, music, an interactive art project, artist merch tent, tours and more from 12-5. Come on over! www.magichat.net/walltocanvas #btv #vt #graffiti #art

This piece is by Nicholas Heilig, a native-born Vermont artist and Burlington-based MC. He combines his passion for visual art and music by painting live at concerts and festivals throughout New England. Heilig’s process is rooted in illustration, but also includes elements of woodblock motifs and street art aesthetics.

Three days until Wall to Canvas takes over our brewery! Starting at Noon on Saturday, the 12 competing artists will get prepping for a timed creative event. They’ll each have 2.5 hours to transform a blank canvas into a work of art before your eyes as the beer flows, the DJs play and the food cooks. A love auction takes place immediately after, open to anyone who attends, and each canvas’ $ take gets split between the artist and the Shelburne Craft School. http://ift.tt/1rRvJRk #btv #graffiti #vt #craftbeer
This piece is by artist and art teacher Ashley Anne Veselis, who works with many mediums, but identifies mostly with painting. Her process involves layering colors, patterns and textures to create a base layer, to which she continues to add layers until the painting comes to fruition, usually depicting themes of nature and/or human anatomy. http://ift.tt/1z22xIK

This Saturday, we revel in the annual Wall to Canvas urban art competition at our brewery. 12 artists, 2.5 hours, unlimited creative possibilities. Come see what canvases they create while strolling the grounds and drinking some beers. The party starts at noon and goes til 5. All pieces will be auctioned off at the end of the day with the money being split between the artist and the Shelburne Craft School. http://ift.tt/1rRvJRk #btv #graffiti #craftbeer

This piece is from Tom Ryan of Naugatuck, Connecticut. Tom attended the Paier College of Art. His work and interests span art, graphic design, typography, fashion, antiques, retro, and gaming. His current work includes digital art, “geek-inspired” posters, and paintings, including paintings on skateboards. http://ift.tt/1vdYfxo http://ift.tt/1w615c2

This Saturday, August 23rd, our annual Wall to Canvas urban art competition takes place at our brewery. 12 artists will compete live as they transform a blank canvas over the course of 2.5 hours as you watch, drink beers and enjoy some local grub. The event culminates in a love auction of the pieces, with half the money going to the artist, and half going to the Shelburne Craft School.

This piece is by Sienna Fontaine, a former winner of the competition. Raised on a dairy farm in North Williston, Sienna was inspired by animals and the Vermont landscape. Her paintings incorporate text, thread, paper, ink, and charcoal and include subjects such as cityscapes, birds, graphic diagrams of meat cuts and anatomy, and simplified landscapes of Vermont. http://ift.tt/1pHzQ2S

#btv #graffiti #craftbeer http://ift.tt/1rk2VUD

Years ago, we brewed a beer called Jeezum Jim, in honor of Senator Jim Jeffords, who famously switched political affiliations in 2001. We just got wind of his passing this morning and our thoughts are with his family and friends.

From the label: A celebration of conviction, courage and the difference one man can make. A beer inspired by a Senator. Love him or hate him, he represents one man, one vote, one small state, one great nation. Jeezum Jim was brewed in the style of an English Mild, with beautiful copper color, a medium body and, thank goodness, a very level head.
Here’s to a true Vermonter. #vt http://ift.tt/1rNSoMZ

HAKS Schmitter continues our Wall to Canvas series as we show the works of each participating artist leading up to the live art competition at our brewery on August 23rd. http://ift.tt/1rRvJRk
Born in Iowa, raised in Middlebury, Schmitter moved to New York City in 1996 and immersed himself in Hip Hop/Graffiti culture while working as a graphic designer. Although he travels as much as possible, he maintains a home base in Vermont where he is a sometimes freelance graphic designer/new school flyer king, part-time snowboarder/sledding professional and a full-time artist. #btv #graffiti #walltocanvas http://ift.tt/YdTB7Y

The 5th Annual Wall to Canvas urban arts competition goes down August 23rd at our brewery. 12 regional artists will create canvases live while beer flows and DJs play. It culminates with a live auction to benefit the artist and the Shelburne Craft School. http://ift.tt/1rRvJRk
This is a piece by participant Jon Young. He studied illustration at the Massachusetts College of Art and painting at Johnson State College. Jon lives in St. Albans, where he is a product and technical adviser for Holbein Art Materials USA. Jon enjoys working in ink, watercolor, oil, and acrylics, both abstract and figurative works, as well as several murals.
jonyoungartworks.com http://ift.tt/Y9x6Rp

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